Personal Loans

Every now and again, there will be times when you need some extra money to help you get through a tough time. We understand that sometimes, unforeseen events happen - your credit card bill skyrockets or you need to buy a new household appliance that has broken. In these situations, a personal loan can really help.

A personal loan can help with paying off debts, making medical bill payments, improvements to your home or even improving your credit. You decide on how you want to use your personal loan.

No matter what the reason is, if you need the money urgently right now – Loan Ranger can help you.

Why choose Loan Ranger?

  • Easy to apply: fast 5-minute application

Our application process is 100% online and can be completed in just 5 minutes. All you need are your online banking details to provide us with your most recent 90 days transactional history

  • Fast approval: Decision within the hour

Once your application has been completed, we will assess your details as well as your capacity to repay. You’ll then receive a decision within the hour during business hours

  • Funds available quickly: Most customers receive same business day

Once approved, we’ll send the funds to your bank straight away during business hours. Clearance times may vary based on who you bank with but the majority of our customers receive their funds the same business day

With Loan Ranger, we offer easy approval personal loans between $200 - $5,000, with fast, fuss-free approvals with a simple online application process.

Our simple 5-minute short term loan application form is fast and simple to complete. Most of our customers receive a response within the hour during business hours, and once your application is approved, we will make the transfer straight away.

Most of our customers see the funds in their account on the same day their application is approved, however this can sometimes take a little longer depending on your bank.